Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Candy's Top Movies (and Shows) to Watch for Style Inspiration: Part 1

Well doesn't that title just roll off the tongue. Hello, ladies and germs, how are we? I'm bruised and exhausted after my very first pole fitness class, dreading how my 'muscles' are going to feel in the morning. So tonight after a brief Arkham City interlude (the Joker's henchmen are whooping my ass, it's been very depressing), I'm watching mindless, awful films for the eye candy. Enjoy doing the same? Well you're in luck. Here, in no particular order, are my personal top picks for movies and shows to watch for delicious frocks and shoes.

Stepford Wives

This movie is a remake of a classic 1975 film, and was a complete flop. So take this suggestion with a grain of salt. And make that grain last til the end of the list, I'm not promising quality film making here. 

Joanna Eberhart (Nicole Kidman) is a successful reality television executive producer. She is fired after her latest project, a show where spouses choose between each other or prostitutes, called "I Can Do Better", results in one of the jilted men going on a shooting spree, and she has a nervous breakdown. With her husband, Walter (Matthew Broderick), and their two children, they move from Manhattan to Stepford, a quiet Connecticut suburb. (Thanks, Wikipedia!)

The rest of the film revolves around Joanna's investigations into the creepy perfection of the Stepford wives. The town is heavily focused on the 'role of a woman' and this is reflected in the 1950's style costuming. 

Hourglass silhouettes, pastels, and perfectly coiffed hair even when working out. I suspect girdles and suspenders also but these suspicions are never confirmed.

There are some tremendously spiffy tuxedos in the final ballroom scene too. If watching the movie isn't enough for you, I found this blog post while hunting for screenshots, with some guidelines on how to present yourself in the appropriate Stepford manner.

The Notebook

We're all familiar with this one, right?

An elderly man reads from a notebook to an elderly woman diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease about a story between two young lovers, Allie and Noah. The story dates back to the summer of 1940, on Seabrook IslandSouth Carolina. Allie Hamilton (Rachel McAdams) is a high school girl from a wealthy family spending the summer in Seabrook. At a carnival, Allie meets Noah Calhoun (Ryan Gosling), a local boy who takes a fondness towards her. After Noah's several attempts to go on a date with Allie, she finally agrees, resulting in both of them falling in love with each other over the summer. 

That jacket! That hat! That hair!

Man who buys me icecream: Check. Now all I need is an array of leather gloves. And I'll take the rest of Allie's wardrobe while we're at it, thanks.

Warning to the uninitiated; This one is a tear-jerker. 

Gossip Girl

This show is a very guilty pleasure of mine. As far as mindless entertainment goes, it's about as mindless as it gets. I can feel myself getting more vapid and flighty as the hours tick by. But look! Look at the perfection that is Blair Waldorf; 

Even the poor Brooklyn girl, Vanessa, is always impeccable.

 Then there's the nicely controversial Jenny Humphrey, played by the nicely controversial Taylor Momsen. She's all short skirts and racoon eyes so I can't help but sympathise with her style sensibilities, but I adore the excessive colour used with Blair and Vanessa.


'It Girl' Serena has never impressed me personally, though this may only because Blake Lively bothers me for reasons unknown. Anyway, this character is very high fashion but also very... Beige. 

The boys get some pretty swish apparel too; check out Chuck Bass. He wears bowties and scarves and isn't afraid of colour.

Gossip Girl is from the creators of the OC so you can imagine the cheap drama and scandals that ensue. Consume with a heavy dose of ice cream and irony and you should be fine.

Well that's it from me, dears. This list is a lot longer but the blogger post formatting is being a right pain so you'll have to wait for a second installment. Don't fret, I've given you more than enough to keep you occupied! For more frequent doses of styling deliciousness from me, check out my LOOKBOOK.

Happy watching!