Tuesday, 13 December 2011

I'm no model but I sure do love the lights

So here are some of the photos from a recent outfit for you. The thing I'm struck with most often when people comment on my style is that they're unaware of how easy it is to build an unusual wardrobe on a budget. I shop mostly at chain stores and very rarely spend more than $30 on a garment, and I think this outfit is a good example of where to save and spend.

SAVE: Cargos - $20 - Valley Girl
The things I usually justify spending more on are things like shoes and jackets, which can be worn multiple times in a week and look completely different

SAVE: Blazer - $25 - Valley Girl | Cardigan - $6.50 - Salvation Army

SPEND: Bowler Hat - $60 - Army Surplus Store

$60 is more than I would usually spend on a hat. Only this one is a replacement for one I bought for $20, wore every day for 6 months, and then couldn't live without when I lost it (first world problems). So knowing I would wear it to death I felt okay putting it on layby.

Genuine smiles are not my strong suit

SAVE: Beatles Tee - $10 - Jay Jays | Angry Gnome brooch  - Gift

SPEND: Dr. Martens - $190 - The Last Shoemaker

These boots are definitely in the Top 5 from my wardrobe. I wear them so often it's ridiculous and they make a bland outfit instantly stand out. Luxury magazines blabber on about investing in 'statement pieces' and for once they're right, although I doubt they'd consider $190 a large sum. However if you find something that's really different and fits well with your wardrobe, but is more than you'd usually spend? Don't feel guilty about buying it unless it's coming out of your food bill. Chances are if you leave them, you'll dwell on what might have been.

Here's hoping I can take my own advice this month and spend wisely on Boxing Day. Anyone got their eye on something for the sales? I'm thinking some flatforms and a PS3.

Happy shopping, darlings,


PS: Credit to my flatfriend Caitlin for taking the outfit photos for my last three looks! Fashion photography like a BAWS. 


  1. Nice post - I am in complete agreement about statement pieces, especially if they're shoes or accessories since I always seem to get more mileage out of them.